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Selectors can be used to install custom selector engines. See extensibility for more information.


def register(name, script: nil, contentScript: nil, path: nil)

Selectors must be registered before creating the page.


An example of registering selector engine that queries elements based on a tag name:

tag_selector = <<~JAVASCRIPT
// Returns the first element matching given selector in the root's subtree.
query(root, selector) {
return root.querySelector(selector);
// Returns all elements matching given selector in the root's subtree.
queryAll(root, selector) {
return Array.from(root.querySelectorAll(selector));

# Register the engine. Selectors will be prefixed with "tag=".
playwright.selectors.register("tag", script: tag_selector)
playwright.chromium.launch do |browser|
page = browser.new_page
page.content = '<div><button>Click me</button></div>'

# Use the selector prefixed with its name.
button = page.locator('tag=button')
# Combine it with other selector engines.
page.locator('tag=div').get_by_text('Click me').click

# Can use it in any methods supporting selectors.
button_count = page.locator('tag=button').count
button_count # => 1