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Playwright has experimental support for Android automation. This includes Chrome for Android and Android WebView.


  • Android device or AVD Emulator.
  • ADB daemon running and authenticated with your device. Typically running adb devices is all you need to do.
  • Chrome 87 or newer installed on the device
  • "Enable command line on non-rooted devices" enabled in chrome://flags.

Known limitations

  • Raw USB operation is not yet supported, so you need ADB.
  • Device needs to be awake to produce screenshots. Enabling "Stay awake" developer mode will help.
  • We didn't run all the tests against the device, so not everything works.

How to run

An example of the Android automation script would be:

Note that since you don't need Playwright to install web browsers when testing Android, you can omit browser download via setting the following environment variable when installing Playwright:



def devices(host: nil, omitDriverInstall: nil, port: nil)

Returns the list of detected Android devices.